There are times when mere installation of a plugin won’t be smooth. Other times, it might produce errors.

To help us help you, here’s a guide on what to look out for in trying to make the plugin work.


How to Install my plugin?

Its pretty much easy. Here is a step-by-step guide:

When downloading All Files and Documentation:

  1. After you download the copy from CodeCanyon, proceed on extracting the zip file.
  2. The extracted file consists of the License, Documentations, Plugin folders and Read Me files. Go to the Plugin folder and upload the .zip file in it to your plugins.
  3.  Once uploading is finished, Activate and enjoy your new plugin! :)

IMPORTANT: Uploading the whole ‘All Files and Documentation’ zip file will cause your installation to fail. Please use the Installable WordPress File that is inside the ‘Plugin’ folder upon installation.

When downloading Installable WordPress file only:

  1. After you download the copy from CodeCanyon, go to the Plugin folder and upload the .zip file in it to your plugins.
  2.  Once uploading is finished, Activate and enjoy your new plugin! :)

NOTE: Please make sure that all the files required including the required plugins are installed. This is to assure that our plugin will work smoothly.

I was trying to install the plugin but an error "The package could not be installed. No valid plugins were found. Plugin install failed." appears.

This is probably because you tried to upload the whole All Files and Documentation version of the plugin.

To know the proper way in uploading your plugin, please proceed to: How to install my plugin?

Is there a way to Auto Update my plugins?

Yes there is. Once you have one of our plugins activated, you should be able to see Gambit Plugins in your Plugins sub-menu.

It will direct you to our Plugin Activation Page where you can input your Purchase Code to activate our Automatic Updates.

Does my plugin require Visual Composer?

This depends on which plugin are we talking about. Here is a list of which of our plugins that requires it.

Plugins that required Visual Composer

  1. Parallax, Video and Hover Backgrounds
  2.  Carousel Anything
  3. Row Scroll Animations
  4. CSS Animator

Plugins that doesn’t require Visual Composer

  1. 4K Icon Fonts *
  2. Smooth Mousewheel
  3. Torchbox Lightbox
  4. Animatic *
  5. Before and After *
  6. CSS Live Editor
  7. Hamburger Menu
  8. Hero Boxes *
  9. Image and Video Mockups *
  10. Isometric Image Tiles *
  11. Loupe Magnifying Glass *
  12. The Loading Bar
  13. PopTrends
  14. Ultimate Image Filters
  15. Meet the Team *
  16. Photo Realistic Responsive Mockups

* – VC not required but will produce an Element if there is VC available.

My plugin requires Titan Framework

1. Download and activate Titan Framework first before activating the plugin requiring it.

2. If the error persists and Titan Framework is installed, update both Titan Framework and your plugin.

3. If the plugin or website malfunctions and/or the console from the Site Inspector points to the plugin files, temporarily disable all other plugins, leaving Titan Framework and the plugin as the only plugins running. If the plugin works, enable all other used plugins one by one, taking note of each plugin enabled until the problem reappears. The last plugin to be enabled before the problem reappears is the culprit. Determine if the conflicting plugin has an update, and if so, update that plugin accordingly. Repeat the test and see if it works. If not, this is a problem that must be brought forward to us, taking note of the culprit plugin causing the conflict. Take note that console errors that appears to be caused by core files of WordPress does not necessarily mean that there is a problem with WordPress’ core files.



Here are also what you need to know to ensure your site to work well with less or no complications.

1. Make sure you are running the most recent copy of WordPress, your plugins, and Visual Composer.
2. Ensure your site is not infected by any malicious scripts. Website infection and malfunction is usually caused by outdated plugins, outdated and abandoned scripts (both PHP and JavaScript), outdated libraries (both PHP, JavaScript and even WordPress) and old versions of server software, such as Apache, PHP and MySQL.
3. If the plugin or website malfunctions and/or the console from the Site Inspector points to the plugin files, temporarily switch themes and see if the plugin will work. If your plugin starts working after switching themes, your theme has a file that somehow conflicts with the plugin.

  • If you are using a theme that is distributed through, or other distribution sites, check if your theme has an update, and apply it.
  • If your theme has an embedded copy of Visual Composer, make sure the theme is updated. If the problems persist, this is a matter that must be brought forward to us.
  • If your theme is self-created or customized, check for errors and ensure your theme follows proper coding standards.
  • If using a child theme, check for updates in your parent theme, and apply updates and if applicable, necessary changes to your child theme.