Please refer to this link for installation guide.

I have my plugin installed and activated. But why I can't see your plugin components in the Add Element menu?

Please double-check if your plugin was installed and activated properly.

If this doesn’t work, please go to your Visual Composer Settings and look for User groups access rules. Depending on the account type who’ll publish the pages, you’ll need to modify the Enable Shortcode checkboxes. That will be either you need uncheck everything to make all the shortcodes work or check the plugin components that you want to use.



General Usage

My Image Parallax/Video Background is too short. How can I resize them?

By default, the size of your Image Parallax/Video Background depends on your row’s size and contents. You can adjust them by doing these:

  • Go to Row Settings > Design Options and edit the Top and Bottom Padding. Or;
  • Go to Add Element and add an Empty Space. Edit the Empty Space on the sizes you prefer. You can also add 2 Empty Spaces if you wish to put an another object at the center. Or;
  • Go to Add Element and add a Raw HTML. Add some <br> tags in it.

If you have a modified Visual Composer and can’t find both Design Options and Empty Space, you can just do the Raw HTML method instead.




Image Parallax

How can I add two or more Image Parallax in a row?

You can do this by adding two or more Parallax Row Background in the same row.

My image is stretching so much that its pixellates!

Image Parallax requires an image that is not “too small”. It is recommended to use at least 1600 x 1000 or higher for best results.

Up and Down parallaxes is good with taller images, while Left and Right parallaxes is better with wider images.

My Image Parallax 'zoomed in' when I tried to add more scroll speed on it.

This is not a problem, but a part of our plugin’s behavior. This is to assure that our Image Parallax will keep intact with no white gaps.

To fix this, please upload a larger image.



Video Backgrounds

How to remove black bars from my video?

You can do this by changing your Video’s Aspect Ratio. It is set as 16:9 by default, but this can be modified to suit in your Video Background.

Can I mute my Video Background?

Yes. There is a Mute Video checkbox in the Video Row Background settings.

How to set a Fallback Image for Video Background?

This can be done by adding a Background Image in your Row.

Can I use Self-Hosted Videos for Backgrounds?

No. And we do not recommend the use of Self-Hosted Videos as it will require you to upload different file formats to support all browsers. Not to mention that it will also affect your site’s bandwidth. Please upload your video to YouTube or Vimeo.




My Image Parallax doesn't show show in mobile.

In your Parallax Row Background settings, please look for the checkbox with ‘Enable Parallax for mobile devices.’ This should enable your Image Parallax to work, but not with Fixed Backgrounds.

My Parallax/Video/Hover Background is showing up a thin line only.

Please adjust your Row Height. You can either add Top/Bottom Paddings, Empty Space or Line Breaks.

My Video Background doesn't show in mobile.

Mobile phones and tablets doesn’t support Video Backgrounds at the moment. As they automatically convert video backgrounds into clickable video which is a very undesirable behavior.

Despite that, you can always set a Fallback Image in your Design Options. This will replace a supposedly disabled Video Background in the mobile.

My video won't play!

Make sure that the Video URL you entered are correct, and not set in private. Private Videos will not show up in your screen causing it to not work.

My page scrolls weird/too fast or it isn't as smooth.

This happens if you have our Smooth Mousewheel installed while you have an existing Smooth Scrolling feature in your site. And this may come from an another plugin or a built-in from your theme.

In this case, you can either deactivate Smooth Mousewheel or your theme/other plugin’s Smooth Scrolling.

I have other problems and/or concerns regarding this plugin.

If there is something that is not listed here, too complicated or simply want some clarification: Please file a ticket in our Support Website.

Before you proceed, please check our Support Guide for a more efficient way of reporting an issue. Thank you. 🙂